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Waiting for It: Schoolgirl Caned by Mom - Introducing Alex Reynolds

Alex's mom Lily goes into her room before school because she's having trouble getting up on time. Lily tells her she needs to get moving NOW, but Alex instead throws a cranky fit and calls her mom a bitch! She realizes immediately that she screwed up by saying that, and Lily tells her she's going to get a good caning for it. After school, Alex nervously approaches her mother, saying how sorry she is and asking if she's really going t get spanked. Lily says yes, and Alex asks if they can just get it over with because it's been hanging over her head all day. But Lily tells her not now, later. Awhile later, Alex again approaches a couple times asking mom to please just spank her, but Lily says waiting for it is part of her punishment and she'll do it when she's ready. Later that night, while Alex is sitting on her bed in her Hello Kitty nightie, still worried and fidgeting, mom finally comes in and tells her it's time. Lily turns her over her knee for a spanking first, flipping up her shirt to spank her panties and then bare bottom before making her lay down on the be bare bottomed for multiple strokes of severe thick traditional school cane. The girl is heavily striped and crying but the caning continues for several minutes to make sure she learns to be respectful!

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