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Initiation Ceremony

Angelina is waiting for Mr Lewis to welcome her to Girls Boarding School. Her body language is very clear – she’s nervous. When he arrives he wastes no time in explaining to her what she’s doing at GBS. At her previous school she obviously had no regard for rules and regulations, but here at GBS there were rules that had to be followed or the consequences could be very painful. The most important rule is obedience – immediate, unquestioning obedience. To test her, Mr Lewis tells her to remove all her clothing. There is a battle of wills, as she makes no attempt to carry out his order. However, he doesn’t give up so easily. He repeats his order and she very slowly starts to unbutton her blouse. The remainder of her clothing is also removed in slow motion. So, he confuses her by telling her to get dressed again. Now he’s going to time her – all clothes off within thirty seconds. She has to undress and dress two more times before he’s satisfied. To further test her obedience, he has her stand facing the wall with her hands on her head. He tells her he’ll be back in two minutes and she’d better be in that same position when he returns. Is he surprised to find her standing with her back against the wall and her hands modestly covering her sweet pussy? No he half expected it. So he introduces her to an otk hand spanking. She’s squirming about and screaming before he’s even started to spank her. But he’s determined to show her who’s in charge. Despite her struggle to escape and her screaming and crying, he gives her a very rosy red bottom. The next part of her initiation ceremony is to have a taste of the cane. He tells her to bend down with her hands on either side of the chair. Every time the cane makes contact with her bottom, she jumps up clutching it. With an exasperated sigh, he explains to her that the length of time of the caning session depends on her. She should stay in position after each stroke – then it will be over. At last she understands and the last stroke of the cane – she stoically accepts it without jumping up. Now the final test of obedience. Again she’s to stand facing the wall with her hands on her head. He’ll return in thirty minutes and she must be in the same position. Will she obey him?

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Girls Boarding School

Supervised by Headmaster Tom personally again, keeping things firmly under control! Where strict and severe domestic discipline is the order of the day for naughty, misbehaving girls. Broken rules, forgotten homework or plain and simple bad behaviour is simply not tolerated. GBS residents learn very early on that such antics are strictly punished by tried and trusted traditional methods. A hard over the knee spanking, or a severe session with the paddle, not to mention the all feared and dreaded cane, all make up the daily punishment routines at Girls Boarding School.

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