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5 Bawling Babes

5 Crying babes Stars: Natilee, Bunny, Aliza, Selina Swat, Cherry (the girls) and Outlaw as the spanker. What can you do with 5 naughty strippers that don't follow the rules, are continually late and often don't show up at all? Spank them until they are kicking their naughty legs and bawling their eyes out, it seems to work for Outlaw. The first girl is Natilee, she begs to be let off light but being the naughtest one Outlaw doesn't show much mercy. He gives her a hand spanking, first over her dress then on her bare bottom that leaves her squealing. He then gives her a few swats with the heavy oak paddle and more with the strap that leaves her begging and crying. Tears flow from her eyes. Selina Swat is next. She gets a hard OTK spanking, while handcuffed that leaves her crying, bawling and kicking her cute little legs like a very naught school girl getting a bare bottomed spanking. Outlaw doesn't think this is enough however and makes her get on all fours and lays into her incredible bottom with great effect, you get to see her pussy as she fights and screams. Aliza is next, she has been extremely naughty as well. She is also a tough nut to crack. Outlaw gives her and incredible hand spanking, uses the nasty thick sandle on her bare ass. She is screaming for mercy and yelling that she "Can't take it" this doesn't slow down Outlaw and he uses the hair brush on her until she is crying like a baby. Bunny (white girl) and Cherry are punished together. First both girls are made to punish each other. This leaves Bunny crying and begging even before Outlaw gets a hold of her. He spanks her with great gusto and soon she is crying like a baby. He then fucks her in the ass while her ass is still red and she is still crying tears. Cherry is given a hand spanking then made to bend over for ten swats with the belt. She is crying uncontrollably by about swat number 7, still Outlaw continues the punishment and makes her count out each swat on her big sweet bare ass. Very hard spanking action on 5 very bare bottoms. Movie runs 41 minutes of spanking and butt fucking action.

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