DUNGEONS of SLAVE TRAINING - (Added: 2012-07-19)

The Dungeon of Slave Training is a daunting place for a slave, a place to fear. Here slaves are sent by their Masters or owners for training, re-training or punishment at the hands of the sadistic Masters who reside there. There is no hope for the slave who enters the doors of the Academe. They take what little pleasure they can, when they can, with fellow slaves. You will see their torment, their punishment as they are trained to serve in all ways. You will delight in their mischievous ways as they try to trick the Masters, only to see their tears and hear their screams as the consequence of such behaviour is administered.

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Pride now has to suffer at the hands of her trainer on the cross. The pain is almost too much for her to bare as the flogger and crop are used on her back. Will this be what breaks prides will?

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Has this little slut been sleeping around? See how the interrogator extracts her confession by using his torture chair. She will confess, she will scream.

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After biting her trainer, Pride is strapped to the judicial bench for her punishment. Still defiant her arse glows as red as her rage against the Masters who intend to control her body and spirit.

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Slave Pride has been sent for re-training at the hands of some of the cruellest Masters? Will she break as she is subjected to the rack? Will she plead for mercy and submit to the Masters or does Pride find a way to bite back at her tormentors.

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