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It’s almost time to leave the house for the day, but Kay is still playing in the living room when Mom comes in. Mom gives Kay several warnings to pick up her toys and get dressed, but when she comes back a few moments later to find Kay still surrounded by a big mess and still wearing her pajamas, Mom gets mad and orders Kay over her knee for a hard hand spanking.

Kay whines and protests but Mom always wins, and the...

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You just got home from school with a naughty red note in your backpack, and that means you were a very naughty little boy at school today, weren't you!? I’m going to have to give you a good talking-to about exactly what happens to naughty boys in this family who bring red notes home from school. My voice goes from calm but still upset at you, to very very angry. This is very embarrassing for Mommy to have a naughty boy who...

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I heard you saying all kinds of horrible cuss words outside. Where did you even hear all those bad words? You are way to young to be trying to talk like a rude old man!

I’m going to cover that naughty-word tongue of yours with this hot sauce and then I’m going to take this paddle off the wall and spank your butt while your tongue is burning up. I hope this is the last time I ever hear those words come out of your...

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You are my young daughter who has taken my lipstick to school. Now I have to come into your room, scold you softly and make you tell me what what happens to girls who don’t listen to my warning about Momma’s lipstick.

You finally have enough courage to tell me that I told you I would have to take down the Reminder Paddle in your room, make you face me respectfully…I’d pull down your panties, lift your...

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I’m in your room getting you ready for bed..

As I begin to ask you how your day was, all of a sudden I get a phone call from our neighbor, Ms. Stevens. She begins to inform me that she caught you peeping in her window when she was preparing herself for a bath. I make Ms. Stevens describe the shirt you had on to make sure she has positively identified you as the Peeping Tom. Once she explains that she saw a boy in her...

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I just walked into my room from a hard days work to find you, my only son, behind my bed in my private clothing.

I’m shocked! You are carrying my shiny gold purse, and you are wearing my black silky robe, size 40 double D red-ribboned bra, my very expensive gold and silver high heels, and my favorite leopard print panties.

I scold you and shame you for a long time before I make you take off every item of my...

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I know a very good boy who has earned a very good boy spanking from me…

Yes, it’s you, sweetness! You have had only one infraction this week, and it was so minor that we don’t even need to address it tonight. But what we do need to address is your good boy spanking.

I’m going to make your bottom feel so good tonight, honey bunny. Look at all the fun spanking toys I have brought into our...

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Mom strolls into the kitchen in the morning to find a huge nail polish spill, right in the middle of the stove. Calling Kay into the room, Mom scolds Kay for making such a terrible mess and tells her that she’s to be spanked, with Mom’s biggest wooden spoon, right there in the middle of the kitchen.

What a mess!

Bratty Kay tries to run away, but Mom grabs the back of her overalls, drags her back into the...

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Mom is very angry with you right now, son!

I called you five times from the front porch to come inside, and you ignored me each time as you continued to misbehave right in front of me, and with all your friends around you. Boy, are you gonna get it now!

You stay right there while I cut this switch from the neighbor’s tree. and as soon as I’m done, you are going to stand right here in the grass…...

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We have guests in the house and I’m not going to let you embarrass me in front of them ...get in this bathroom right now and look what you’ve done.

What did I tell you would happen if you forgot to flush the toilet again?  I told you I would have to give you a bare bottom spanking with my hand.  But not only did you forget to flush, you also left the seat up again.

What?  Don’t you...

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