Cherish Spanking - (Added: 2016-12-03)

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We have guests in the house and I’m not going to let you embarrass me in front of them ...get in this bathroom right now and look what you’ve done.

What did I tell you would happen if you forgot to flush the toilet again?  I told you I would have to give you a bare bottom spanking with my hand.  But not only did you forget to flush, you also left the seat up again.

What?  Don’t you...

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I have been looking for you all over this house, little boy. You know you have a spanking coming from me and you have just made it so much worse on yourself.

As a matter of fact, I think I’m going to give you the spanking of your young lifetime, mister. I need to teach you a good, hard lesson with my hairbrush on exactly what happens to little boys who hide from mother.

I told you to be in bed without any of your...

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I have slaved over this hot stove cooking you, my husband, dinner. And you had the nerve to not only show up three and a half hours late, but also decided to ‘accidentally‘ leave your phone here at the house. Meaning, when your hard working wife tried to get in touch with you about when you would possibly be coming home for dinner... I couldn’t reach you!

You have really gone and done it this time, mister. Because now I...

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You are my dearest nephew, so why have you lied to me? Don’t you remember that every time you lie to me it earns you a spanking with your Auntie Kay’s old fashioned hairbrush? As soon as you come in from your after school job, I confront you with my nasty mean hairbrush in hand. I scold you over and over for how shameful it is to lie to me. By the time I’m finished lashing you with my tongue your knees are shaking and your mouth is...

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I realize my son can be a very naughty boy here at school, and I will not minimize his behavior one single bit. He is in the car right now waiting for me to drive him home and beat his bottom all over again - just like you paddled his bottom before I arrived into your office. But now we need to have a little talk, sir. You are the principal of this school. Why are all the boys getting into so much trouble here? Where were you when my son...

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Will you please go into the other room with your brother and sister? Mommy is going to trip and fall on you, son. I would like to cook dinner in peace for once. Now go into the living room like I asked.

You are not listening to me are you, young man? Spank, spank, spank! I told you if you were not going to listen to Mommy then I was going to spank your behind. Now GO! Are you still not getting the point from me spanking your...

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I have caught my naughty nephew Mikey in my daughter's room for the last time! And, I am almost positive that he has been in here trying on her panties! I am not putting up with this again, so I immediately begin spanking his rear with the back of my hand over is khaki shorts over and over again. He is already saying "Ouch!", but I don't feel like I'm getting the message to him at all through those shorts...and I still want to...

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Aunt Kay has had this old rugbeater for a long time.  And it’s always only been for especially naughty boys and I’ve never had to use it before.  But today I will...on your naughty bottom.

Don’t just stand there...go and take the rugbeater off the wall and hand it to me - the longer you stall the worse it’ll be for you.’re just in for more spanking now,...

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My naughty little 'niece' has really done it this time! She left all her crayons out on the table for me to pick up. I told her if I found one more thing left out and not put back where it belongs, that I would spank her little bottom with my old fashioned antique hairbrush, over and over again until she’s truly well sorry!

I call my niece into the dining room to shame and scold her for her mess, and she kneels...

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I am so tired of you running away from me when I’m trying to give you your spanking. You were a very naughty boy today and you need to be spanked! Let me in this room right now, mister..don’t you lock the door on me.

You’re going to get a spanking whether you like it or not. See, I told you I’d get in this room. Even if you were trying to hold the door and keep me out.

Get up off that floor right now!...

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