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Severely Paddled for Swearing at Teacher

I was not having a good day at school. That’s what caused me to swear at one of my teachers. I told her to F#$% off after she yelled at me for laying my head down on my desk. She told me to go to the office and I left saying it again. But I knew once I got home I would probably wind up with a nice blistered ass. And was I right. Ten minutes after I walked through the door, I was lying in my bed crying with a very sore ass. But after the pain started to go away, I began to get really horny thinking about my punishment. I was bent over that bad bad stool and my paddlings are always hard over that thing. ;) Lizzy

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Date Added: 03/09/10
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M/F Spankings , Paddling , SchoolGirl Spankings , Sex and Spanking , Spanking

Corporal Punishment , Paddling , School girl , Paddled , Panties , Pain

Store: Bad Lizzy Spanked and Paddled

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Bad Lizzy Spanked and Paddled

This store contains straight forward, good old fashioned corporal punishment style paddlings. If watching a girl get a good paddling is what you like then this is the place to be. I used to only love to watch someone else get the paddle better then I liked getting it. As I got older, the excitement of the whole experience of a hard paddling started to excite me for reasons I didn't really understand. The fear, anticipation, pain, obeying strict guidelines of the moment of suffer worse pain. It was strange to me but I loved it. What you see is real and there is great pain involved in making these movies but I enjoy the hell out of it! LOL! Oh! if there are any ladies out there that would like to be paddled alongside me in a future film, send me a note My email has changed to Please note that email from this address does not go straight to me. All emails are first screened and serious letters are forwarded to me. You can also send questions there too but again they will be screened first. I will reply to all friendly mail. I apologize if any of you have sent me an email with no response here in the last few months. It simply didn't get to me. This problem has been corrected so I want all who has never received a response from me to please write again and I will certainly write back. I will never see the weird or questionable letters so don't waist your time Lizzy Lochart

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