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Schoolgirl's Revenge: Entitled Cheerleader Kajira Gets Spanked, Hairbrushed & Strapped Hard with the Belt by Her Sister Lily!

Lily and Kajira have a long standing pact. As sisters attending high school together, they've always promised each other to never flirt with a boy that the other was dating, or even into! Today after school, Kajira didn't see Lily, but Lily definitely saw her, chatting it up and flirting with her crush. As if that weren't enough, as she continued to spy on them she saw the two kiss, and her sister didn't seem to mind at all! Lily ran home shocked and in tears, and cried all afternoon in her room. When Kajira comes in later, she has no idea that anyone knows what she's been up to, and plops down on the bed acting all perky and innocent, simply asking her sister what's up. Lily can't believe what she did, and really can't believe she's just going to pretend nothing happened! Furious at her sister's betrayal, she yanks her right across her lap and starts spanking her. Kajira is still completely clueless that Lily could possibly know, and doesn't want to admit to anything that might get her in more trouble, so she plays dumb until Lily confronts her with what she saw. The brat is full of ridiculous excuses, but they're not getting her anywhere she wants to be as her sister just gets madder at her and blisters her round little bottom, first flipping up her cheerleader dress and spanking her white panties, then tugging them down and spanking her long and hard on the bare with her hand and hairbrush! Then Lily gets an idea, she threatened to tell mom and dad that Kajira was kissing a boy and let them deal with her if she didn't let her punish her for it, and Kajira was clearly scared of Dad's belt. She did promise not to tell, but she didn't promise that she wouldn't use the belt herself. She goes and finds it, and makes her little sister kneel on all fours for a strapping. Lily finally gets through to her just how hurtful she's been, and extracts multiple tearful apologies, leaving her bottom blazing red and on display for awhile so she can think about what just happened! Our first collaboration with beautiful spanking and fetish model Kajira Bound! Filmed in HD from two different angles. This is the full version of this movie. You'll see the spanking from both a more conventional angle, and then a second shot that shows more of Kajira's facial reactions. Individual clips will be released in future for those who only want to purchase one version.

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Date Added: 09/26/16
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F/F Spankings , Fem/Dom , Full Length Movies , Hairbrush Spanking , OTK Spankings , Paddling , SchoolGirl Spankings , Spanking , Strapping

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Lily Starr Spanking

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