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REAL DISCIPLINE HOLIDAY SPECIAL 2016! Lily's Punishment for Christmas Spending - Real Domestic Discipline to Tears

Note: Despite the festive aesthetic, this is not a lighthearted video. This is one of our most severe recorded real punishment scenes to date, and isn't for the squeamish. This version includes nearly a full hour of footage. There is very little filler, just a brief intro and a bit of needed aftercare at the end. The session was over 30 minutes long pre-edit, and is shown here from two different angles so you can see Lily's bottom as it is spanked from one, and her sad, pained face from the other. Normally a clip of this length should cost $59.99, but we are making the full version available for just $44.99! Smaller versions will be released in future if you do not care about getting all of the angles. I did have to resize the full file for this site because of the length, so the picture quality suffered a little. I will later be releasing smaller portions of the scene at a time, in full quality, but not at this lower price! REAL DOMESTIC DISCIPLINE: Lily really enjoys getting into the festivities of the holiday season, as is evident when her husband Robert confronts her while she is sitting next to the Christmas tree, wearing her (new) jingle bell adorned Santa outfit. Unfortunately, she has been getting just a little too into it. Besides the clothes, she has been ordering a lot of presents and sale items, and the bills are adding up to a bit more than she intended. She was admittedly just having fun shopping, and not really keeping track. Even good deals can still add up to too much money, and that was beginning to be the case. She knew it was happening, but really didn't want to stop, it was fun. Robert saw the bills coming in, and felt that some firm discipline was necessary for his wife, to put a stop to her lack of self control before it got any worse or became a precedent for future years. He tells her she is going over his knee for a spanking, something she doesn't ever want to hear when she's in trouble for real. Lily is scolded thoroughly, and hand spanked hard OTK, first over her yoga pants, then silky red panties, and finally on her bare white bottom until it is very tender and sore from his big hard hands! When he is finished, he stands her up and informs her that she still has the strop and cane coming. She pleads with him that she's learned her lesson already, but, as usual, it doesn't do her any good. Robert instructs her to kneel on the ottoman and chair, and stick her bottom out for a punishment that will make what she has already gotten seem like play. She tries to hold position throughout, but repeatedly loses all composure and genuinely begs for mercy because she doesn't feel like she can handle it! Of course, he knows what she can handle, and it's not up to her to decide when her punishment is over. I'm sure if you're a spanking video fan, you know this is a level of realism that you only occasionally see in them, Meaning the spanking is between a real life couple for a real reason, with real emotions involved. Happy Holidays from Lily & Robert, we thank you for your continued support over the years, and wish you a wonderful 2017!

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