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Dept Store Discipline - Bonnie Spanked

Bonnie (Samantha Grace), a lingerie salesgirl, has been caught by her supervisor, Miss Clair (Amelia Rutherford), shoplifting a lace lingerie ensemble.

Miss Clair takes her to the store manager, Mr. Bartlett (Steve Fuller) and forces a strip search on the protesting girl, who submits rather than brave the police, with which she is naturally threatened by her stern superiors.

It is soon apparent that Bonnie has indeed intended to smuggle lingerie out of the store, as is proven by the tags on the bra, panties and garter belt that she has on. Bonnie is told that she can avoid arrest if she submits to in house discipline for the crime of theft. What choice does she have but to agree? (Fussy, obsessive compulsive enthusiasts will love the official check list for the proper administration of workplace corporal punishment that must be signed off on by management before a spanking may be considered complete.)

Soundly spanked and firmly corrected, Bonnie is sent back to the floor to resume her work, while the haughty Miss Clair is sternly admonished by Mr. Fuller for enjoying the show a little too much. At this point it is clear that the tall, elegant department manager's turn is coming soon.

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