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Schoolgirls Lucy & Sophia

New pupil Sophia was introduced to tutorial discipline when Lucy entered with her latest punishment note. Seconds later Lucy had her legs smacked for being insolent whilst Sophia looked on in shock. Whilst Hargreaves explained to Sophia that the same could happen to her, Lucy was cheeky again whilst standing in the corner which earned her a second dose of leg-smacking. This was swiftly followed by a bare bottom spanking from The Tutor. Sophia found this amusing so Hargreaves decided that she should find out just how "funny" a sore bottom could be. Lucy was sent back to the corner and the new girl took her place over the Tutorial lap for her first ever spanking! Sophia wasn't laughing after a few stingers over her navy blue gym knickers and was even less amused when The Tutor pulled them down and continued her introduction to corporal punishment on her bare bottom. Hargreaves only stopped when Sophia was crying tears of pain and shame, rather than laughter. Lucy was then called out of the corner, bent over the desk and slippered hard on her still stinging bottom. After a hard slippering, Lucy was dismissed still crying and sobbing, leaving a very nervous looking Sophia to ask whether she would get the same. The Tutor answered by putting the scared schoolgirl across his knee for a long, hard, bare bottom spanking that left her red raw and crying uncontrollably. After a warning from Hargreaves, Sophia was dismissed with her head in a daze, her bottom ablaze and mascara all over her face from her tears.

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Feet/Leg Spanking , M/F Spankings , OTK Spankings , Paddling , SchoolGirl Spankings , Spanking

corporal punishment , slippering , bare bottom , over the knee , humiliation , tears , crying , sobbing , cornertime , white knickers , white panties , plaid kilt

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