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Kisa's Severe Real Discipline Session to Tears 9/2011: Finale - The Dreaded Sjambok

Robert has been working with 20 year old spanking model, Kisa Corvin, since June, when she asked him for discipline to help her quit smoking. She had quit, but one night since her last session she had some drinks and slipped up. She also has asked Robert to help give her motivation regarding some other life issues, and hadn't been doing well with that, plus in one report she had not wanted to get in trouble so she lied to him. So now the time has come for her punishment, and Robert sits her down privately to discuss these issues. The camera was set on a tripod to capture the session discreetly as she did not want to be distracted by it. Kisa is crying from the lecture before the spanking even begins, but that doesn't save her from being punished severely with multiple implements, sobbing throughout. She is spanked with Robert's hand (which any girl who has felt it will attest can feel like a paddle!), the heavy doubled leather Bad Girl strap, the large clear acrylic school paddle, and a large leather strap. Of course, the grand finale involves the strokes she has earned with the wicked sjambok. This intensive session was nearly an hour long, so it had to be broken down into parts. Kisa has not touched a cigarette since, so it seems to have worked.This clip is the final extremely severe portion of her punishment with the sjambok, a wicked thick rubber cane/whip hybrid originally used for riot control, which strikes fear in the hearts of even the toughest spankees. Aside from a little bit of tears and aftercare at the end, as well as some great close up shots of Kisa's marked bottom, this clip is 100% brutal spanking action. Lots of begging, pleading, and crying from a truly distressed girl! This entire set is a must see for fans of real, severe but caring, strict, effective discipline, but if you only buy one portion, make it this epic intense finale.

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Caning , Feet/Leg Spanking , M/F Spankings , Spanking , Whipping

kisa , kisa corvin , robert wolf , real discipline , punishment , sjambok , tears , crying , begging , marks , lotion

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