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Punishment for Fibbing- bare bottom belting!

For those who like ageplay, this clip is for you! (note: the corporal punishment of minors is never endorsed by Ten Amorette's Punishment Playhouse-- we just like the roleplay!) Ten is watching t.v. when she hears her Daddy come in and quickly changes the channel. When he asks what she's watching she claims it's Nickelodeon, but upon further investigation he discovers she was really watching a violent program on one of the premium channel. He wastes no time bending her over the back of the couch and peppering her polka- panty clad bottom with hard smacks. But Ten isn't done bratting and soon she calls him a "StupidHead"! Down the underwear comes and now the smarting blows are landing on cheeks arched high in the air. Her globes bounce up and down as he shows her no mercy. Soon she's wailing and crying and begging but Daddy still has the belt to teach her a lesson she'll never forget. Ten can only cry as he mercilessly straps her with the leather over and over. He ends it with 6 of the best-- some of the hardest whacks yet. But it's not over. He determines that lying little girls get a mouthsoaping, so he marches her straightaway into the bathroom and picks up a bar of the brand she detests the most. He makes her bite down and after a few seconds makes her stick out her tongue so he can paint it with the sudsy torture. Finally, he determines that she is truly repentant and won't be lying anytime soon!

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M/F Spankings , Spanking

ten , amorette , daddy , babygirl , little girl , ageplay , belt , belting , mouthsoaping , bare , bottom

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Ten Amorette's Punishment Playhouse

There are many ways to punish someone and this playhouse has them all. Bondage/tickling/spanking/whipping. Something for every fetish. Wanna come play?

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