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Dropseat Pajama Spanking & Bare Bottom Belt Whipping - Step Daddy Knows Best - Front Camera

Every reaction of her adorable face as she is soundly spanked and paddled is captured in High definition. From this angle you can see the full body swing and the severity of every stroke of the belt as she is bent over the bed and soundly belt whipped. Front Camera . "My Step Daddy is very strict. Laziness is something that he simply will not tolerate. So when Daddy found me snug as a bug in my bed with my cuddly stuffed panda at 10:30 in the morning he was less than pleased....I knew I was in trouble for not getting up and doing more chores...I knew I was gonna get my bottom bared for a spanking just like when I was a little girl.  First Daddy scolded me for still being in bed, then he sat down on my bed and pulled me over his lap. Quick as a flash Daddy had the dropseat in my pink pajamas yanked down and started spanking my fat little bare bottom. Hard smacks rained down on my sit-spots and thighs making them turn a rosy pink. I wriggled and squirmed  as Daddy's hand fell harder and faster, my poor pink bottom jiggling with each heavy SMACK. Once Daddy had turned my bottom cherry red her ordered me off his lap, telling me to fetch his leather paddle out of my nightstand. I grimaced at the thought of having the stingy little paddle used on my already tender booty...but I obeyed nonetheless, knowing better than to disobey a direct order from my step Daddy. Sooner than I'd hoped, I found myself back over his lap, my jammies tugged back down to reveal my  naughty bottom as Daddy set to work paddling me...i clutched my stuffed panda and tried not to cry out.  Several stinging swats later Daddy decided that I had had enough of the leather paddle; it was time for Daddy's belt. I pouted as I moved into position, bent over a stack of pillows at the foot of my bed, my stuffed panda still in tow. Daddy unfastened his belt, doubling it over with a cracking noise as I whimpered into the bedding. The bite and sting of Daddy's leather belt had my bottom dancing; bouncing as a volley of licks ensued, each one seaming to sear into my flesh. I was definitely starting to regret my lazy ways as Daddy whipped me with his belt, telling me that not only did I have to do my normal chores, but that I now would have additional tasks to perform...on top of having a blistered bottom! At the end of her punishment she makes a startling confession.

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BDSM , M/F Spankings , OTK Spankings , Paddling , SchoolGirl Spankings , Sex and Spanking , Spanking , Strapping

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Assume the Position Studios

Pretty Bottoms spanked hard ! International Fetish Photographer ATP Studios releases the vault of beautiful girls having their bottoms paddled , strapped, and caned. From playful to severe something for every Spanko's taste. Lots of roleplay scenarios, Naughty Schoolgirl, Bad Secretary, and some shockingly harsh genuine disciplinary sessions that will leave you breathless !

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