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DVD - Cane Special No. 2, Video No. 2 M/ffff, WMV

We demonstrate the use of a plethora of different canes on the unlucky bottoms of Pandora Blake, Kisa Corvin, Nikki Rouge, Sasha, Leia-Ann Woods, Galas Looner, and Ten Amorette. The second of two cane specials. Clip #5: Role Play No. 1 (Excerpt) M/f, Part 2 This clip starts during the final stages of negotiation, then continues with the roleplay itself. Naughty Leia-Ann has wrecked Tubaman’s car, and pays with her bottom. After a long spanking, she bends over for 16 scorching strokes with a rattan cane to the well-worn seat of her tight jeans. Not satisfied, Tubaman has her bend over for six of the best to the seat of her tight black panties, then finally 9 burners to her bare, very sore bottom. Clip #6: Roller Cane M/f Young Kisa Corvin is the victim for this demonstration of the Cane-iac roller cane. First she goes OTK for a warm up, then six hard strokes, then some soothing with the roller part of the cane. Next, she bends over for a warm up, then six sizzling strokes to her thong-clad bottom, and a soothing. Finally, she assumes tummy position and receives a warm up, then six stingers then soothing, then reverses her position (and our view) for another warm up, six strokes, and a soothing. She sits, cautiously, and describes the various sensation of the roller cane. Clip #6: Silent Caning M/f Beautiful Galas Looner stars with Tubaman in this entertaining demonstration of the “silent cane.” Being extremely naughty because they are staying at Galas’ sister’s house, Galas thinks she can get away with it because they don’t want the hosts to know. Unfortunately for her (and fortunately for us!) Tubaman takes a coathanger and makes a “silent cane” out of it. Now the only thing that must be quiet is Galas as he torches her bottom with 40 searing strokes, half to the seat of her pj pants, the other half to her bright red bare bottom. Clip #7: Spiral Cane Technique M/f Stunning Ten Amorette, the 2012 Spankee of the Year, is the demonstratee for the spiral cane. First she bends over, nude from the waist down, for six hard strokes, 3 in thud mode, and 3 in sting mode. Next, she assumes the tummy position for 12 more blistering strokes, six from each side, split between thud and sting. Finally, she tries to sit on her sore bottom and describes the effects of the cane. Three complete clips and part of a fourth, a blazing 20 minutes of intense caning action, all for the amazing price of only 10.99! Seven of the Scene’s most popular models, all get caned in negligee, jeans, panties, bare bottom, thong, and nude, cornertime, scolding, role play, unusual canes, over 180 scalding strokes, a true cane-lover’s delight, all in this one DVD!

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Date Added: 07/20/13
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Resolution: 640X480
Movie Length: 22 Minutes

Caning , M/F Spankings , OTK Spankings , Spanking

Leia-Ann Woods , Kisa Corvin , Galas Looner , Ten Amorette , bend over , caning , punishment , tight pants , panties , bare bottom , sore bottom , red bottom

Store: Spanking 101: The Clips

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Spanking 101: The Clips

This series of videos started out when a friend asked me to do a spanking demonstration for her BDSM group. My wife and I had so much fun doing it, that I decided to write a book, which then became a series of four books and a CD, soon to be available at When I was outted by an ex, I lost my vanilla job, so I decided to do videos that were also informative, to go along with the books. We have been very fortunate to have been able to work with some of the spanking Scene's most important icons, including Erica Scott, Dana Specht, Chelsea Pfeiffer, and Miss Chris. We have also been amazingly lucky to work with many of the Scene's current elite spanking models, including Sarah Gregory, Katherine St. James, Amelia Jane Rutherford, Leia-Ann Woods, Pandora Blake, Jennie Mack, and Ten Amorette. In addition to THAT, we have been able to work with some gorgeous new, er... faces: Sam James, Leila Hazlett, Amore, Millie, Purple, Rexie, Kisa Corwin, Sam James, Lily Starr, Sherie Taylor, Naughty Freckles, Jennie Mack, Skylar, Natasha Miller, Sasha, Nikki Rouge, Marie, Mira, Ashley Graham, Goldie Rosemont, Vivian, Galas Looner, Julianne Leigh, Scarlett Summers, Whitney Morgan, Emma Harper, and Rose Asteria. Our base set of models continues to grow, and we are always looking for more talent. Our models are well-treated, professionally spanked and protected, and are amongst the best-paid spanking models in the Scene. We have shot in Texas, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Nevada, California, Florida, the United Kingdom, the Cayman Islands, and Aruba. We plan spanking video ventures over the next 2-3 years that will include Japan, Australia/New Zealand, and Europe. If you are interested in working for us as a spanking model, please email me at and put "model prospect" in the subject line. As for the videos in this store, you can expect absolutely the most beautiful women in the Scene, being spanked in everything from sexy outfits to totally nude. You'll see punishment spankings, fun spankings, sexy spankings, you name it. We have a large number of multiple-girl spankings as well. You'll see spankings, canings, paddlings, strappings, croppings, every imaginable type of spanking. While they are meant to be informative, they are absolutely worth watching just for the spankings alone. One other thing: while I have years of experience, and lots of advice to offer, I by no means claim to know it all. If you have suggestions for ideas I left out, please feel free to email me and let me know. I am not only open to suggestions, I welcome them. We are also glad to do custom video work. Just write me at and put "custom job" in the subject line. One thing: these videos are my first attempts. while I am completely sure you'll be pleased with the content, I am still learning my way around the editing process. I am always open to honest, helpful criticism, but please spare me the nasty, unhelpful comments. I'll file them where they belong (up your kiester). However, I DO take helpful criticism to heart, and will use it to improve the product, so please don't hold back if it's honest criticism. I'm not made of glass. When I finally put them on the site, all of the 101 videos will have voice-overs, and they'll all be a more polished product, thanks in part to your suggestions.

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