Dana Kane Spanks - (Added: 2012-01-16)

Hold still long enough and I'll spank you, too.

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My two grown nieces have come to spend the weekend with their Auntie Dana in Las Vegas.

While big sister Ela and her younger sister Christy think that they're here to party, I have other ideas.

These sisters have never been disciplined before, and I am going to spend the weekend teaching them how to be Good Girls.

OTK spankings, hand spankings, scolding, cotton panties, knee socks, traditional.

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I’m pacing just inside the door when my daughter Kay comes in, still waving and talking to her ‘volleyball coach’ who’s just dropped her off from ‘the game’.

I’ve been suspicious of their relationship for weeks, and today I drove by the gym twice - there was no game. And there was no Kay, and she and her grown-woman ‘coach’ were nowhere to be found. I think they’re...

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I’m feeling aggressive, and she’s agreed to allow me to cane her - fifty hard, welting strokes - stone cold…so I can get it out of my system.

I have her lean way over, heels off the ground and arms outstretched, before tugging down her very tight jeans from over her very bodacious backside.

Once her panties are down and her bottom bared, I waste zero time in beginning her caning - stroke after stroke after stroke...

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These two rotten kids of mine just can’t get along...it’s not even breakfast and they’re already fighting.  When I walk into the room and try to get their attention, they’re too busy hitting each other and pulling hair to hear me...but when I come back with my wooden hairbrush and slam it down on the table, I have their undivided attention.

I tell both these misbehaving brats to put their hands on their heads, so they...

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In part three of Cruisin' for a Bruisin', I have the unsavory task of showing Isabela just what Mark's been up to already on the cruise.

With the help of hidden camera footage, Mark's behavior is shown to be absolutely irresponsible, and I tell Isabela that sometimes harsh measures must be taken.

In this case - a long, hard caning.

I force Mark to bend over while looking out his stateroom window onto the...

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Final Episode of Angel's Spankotherapy: Excuses.

Find out why Angel has been stuffing money into that jar marked 'Excuses' throughout all the other episodes, and watch Angel receive her discipline - a large willow bundle...followed by an even more evil bunch of willow.

You'll also like.. Angel's Spankotherapy: Excessive...

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POV Lecture Series

You are my newest employee, but already the female members of my staff are reporting that you don't meet their eyeline when they're speaking, but constantly glance at their breasts.

To cure your little problem, you'll not only receive 50 swats with this paddle while lying across my lap (where the entire office can hear), but I've instructed all the ladies to unbutton their blouses for the rest of the...

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Belle isn't just a bashful girl - she's painfully shy. And she's even more uncomfortable with her body...especially being nude. Although she's a beautiful young woman, Belle doesn't look at herself naked in the mirror or walk around the house undressed - she prefers to keep herself covered...and that doesn't sit well with me.

I explain to Belle that she's going to learn to be comfortable in her own skin - stripping slowly in front...

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Today is intern Belle's employment evaluation, and she's not doing so well..

After turning in a poor performance in her previous tasks, timid little Belle Poppet stands naked in front of her demanding boss lady...while I tell her exactly what's about to happen. As Belle lies her body over my lap and props herself precariously atop my desk, I immediately begin to spank her bare butt with my hand. Belle flinches and apologizes and...

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Natural-born spanko Dani Sorrento needs to get in touch with her emotions - she doesn't often speak her mind, or stand up for herself, and doesn't express herself very well. Even when she's being spanked hard, Dani tends to keep mostly still and quiet - she just can’t 'let go' and truly experience things because she's always so guarded.

Her top, Michael Donovan, is determined to get Dani in touch with herself...

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